Electrical & Lighting Installation

Our skilled electricians have given electrical backbones to re-fits, renovations and brand new builds across London. Even if you don’t know exactly how your building will be used, as experienced electrical contractors, we can wire your premises to maximise the flexibility of the spaces and accommodate your potential power and lighting requirements.

LV mains distribution systems
We install or upgrade the low voltage (LV) mains and sub-mains distribution systems which distribute power throughout your building. This includes electrical switchboards, cables and busbar trunking systems. We can also put in place back-up power supplies, such as generators.

Understanding the building’s functions and your business needs we can advise you on the best options for power outlets. By using under-floor power track systems in office or event space, or positioning your electrical sockets intelligently in kitchens and hallways you can make your spaces far more flexible and efficient.

Flexible installation
You may have to deal with noise restrictions or have limited time when your building is not occupied. We understand that different buildings and businesses have different constraints. We’re used to working outside of 9-to-5 to accommodate restrictions and minimise your time without electricity and the consequence it has for the business.

Our electrical installation services also include lighting, data and voice networks, security systems and fire alarms.

All our work is Part P compliant and meets the highest industry standards.

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